- We require an initial deposit before analyzing your property for quantities and doing any work on your project. This deposit is applicable toward the balance due on your final invoice. Contact your sales representative to discuss the amount.

- Before ordering product we require a 50% deposit on the subtotal of your order.

 - Before releasing any items to ship we require the remaining 50% plus any applicable freight and sales tax.

not included:

- Freight, sales tax and installation are not included in the price of any line item on a proposal.

- If these items are on a proposal they will show up as a separate line item.


- Freight values given before time of order are estimates only and are subject to change.

- Actual freight amount is determined once the product is ready and added to the final invoice for the order.

- This is to avoid having to overestimate freight costs and intended to keep as much money in our customer's pockets as possible.

- Freight arrival date cannot be determined exactly due to many contributing factors. Consider all times and dates associated with freight to be approximate.

- Freight drivers do not unload product. You or your installers are responsible for unloading product at delivery.

Production Times:

- Production schedules can change at any moment due to the manufacturers. Any estimated ready dates are based on our best current knowledge provided by the manufacturer.

- Do not schedule any work crews based on production estimates. Only schedule work crews based on verbal communication with Roadrunner Furnishings shipping department and an appointment with a freight carrier.